Fun, friendship and flowers

Diary 2018

Our diary of events and meetings is as follows:

Date & time



 Mon 12th Feb, 7:30pm
 Grampian Hotel Mrs Jo Glodsworthy
 Mon 12th March, 7:30pm Grampian Hotel Mr John McDonald
 Mon 9th April, 1:45pm*
* Note change of time
 Grampian Hotel Mrs Marie Rutherford
 Mon 14th May, 7:30pm Grampian Hotel  Jean McLure
 Mon 10th Sept, 7:30pm Grampian Hotel Mr Alan Beatty
 Mon 8th Oct, 7:30pm Grampian Hotel  Mr Steve Lublin
 Mon 12th Nov, 7:30pm Oakbank Community Centre
** Note: change of venue **
 Mrs Karine Murray
 Mon 3rd Dec, 7:30pm Grampian Hotel  Mrs Gimlett


Subscriptions are £48 per year.  We have 8 meetings a year.

Visitors are £7 per meeting.